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  1. I read the article on Kate with dismay;not only because of her extraordinarily pitiful and painful condition,but because of the emphasis on her disease and not the hope that lies before her-in Christ. Your hope and faith must be in Christ alone. I say this in Christian compassion and exhortation. Because if you place any faith in man or even his medicine you will be sorely disappointed. God is the source. God is your answer..only God. Look to Him. Cry out to Him to reveal His plan and bind up the works of the devil on your daughter’s behalf and ask the Lord to show you the source of this. Because God does not willingly afflict his people with disease;but the stubborn and rebellious are open to it. Ask for wisdom and guidance spiritually as well as medically. I pray for you to have much discernment. And as you are believing for her healing, and if you are desperate to find it, may I suggest you attend the Benny Hinn miracle service in Philadelphia Saturday November 12 at 2 p.m. at 2001 w. Lehigh Deliverance Evangelical Church. God will see your sacrifice and your faith in action. And He will respond accordingly. God bless you and little Kate with healing and total restoration; a miracle for His glory. Please contact me if you want directions/ or help in going to this Service or if I can do anything in the way of prayer for your daughter. Deb Peterson

    • Deb – thank you for taking the time to read about our daughter. She is an amazing and inspiring young girl, who reminds us daily that God is great and in control. We pray over her often asking God to bless us with a miracle. We believe in Gods power to heal her and we know that one day a miracle will be given to her, either here on earth or in heaven. While we are in the darkest of days we see Gods love and see Him lighting our path. The things God has done through Kate is truly amazing. The people that have been brought to Christ or renewed and strengthen their faith proves that His plan is greater than ours. Both my husband and I have a strong faith in God and know that he is the peace that we feel when life is overwhelming and he is the strength we receive when we are weak.
      Thank you for reminding us to stay focused on Him and to not place our hope in the medical community! How often do we all fall into that trap? We are blessed by the people God has placed in our path, such as the doctors and researchers he has given knowledge to, who are trying to find a treatment or cure. Our hope is people will read about Kate, the other children and the disease and be compelled to donate to the efforts of the doctors and researchers, through them God is working!
      Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. May God bless you!

  2. Ellie,
    I just finished looking over this web site and am amazed and humbled by your courage and strength. I have never heard of Batten disease, and to read that it’s so rare, too…. All I can say is to keep spreading the word – you, along with Kate and the rest of your family, are an inspiration.

  3. Well, dear family, we could never be prouder of the maturity you have shown through this entire process. We do pray for all of you daily and it surely shows that you are relying on the God who promises NEVER to desert us. Yes, you do have many things to be thankful for…so glad all these services and favors have fallen into place for you…surely, the nurse of your prayers will also soon arrive. I will pray for that, too! I’m sooo glad Lauren is feeling well…with all the colds going around. Glad, too, that Ms. Kate is gaining weight and is being the “spunky monkey” we remember from 2010. Blessings to you this holiday…know you are loved not only by God, but by every member of your family. Love and hugs to everyone!
    Bruce & Phyllis
    P.S. going to Meg’s tomorrow for Thanksgiving…can’t wait!

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