2017 5K Results

This year’s 5K/1 Mile Fun Walk was nothing short of amazing! Once again Brock and I were humbled by the number of people who supported the Team Kate 5K/1 Mile Fun Walk. To say “thank you” seems so inadequate! When we received Kate’s diagnosis we feared how we would pay for her medicines, medical supplies, doctor visits, etc., along with all our normal expenses, like groceries, our home, and vehicles. Because of the support of friends, family, and strangers we have been able to meet all of Kate’s needs! For that we are eternally grateful! Thank you to the run clubs that shared our event! Thank you to everyone who baked, volunteered, and donated items to the raffle/silent auction. Thank you to everyone who ran or walked, and/or bought a t-shirt. Thank you to our sponsors who ensured that the cost of the event was covered in full so every dollar raised/donated stays with Kate. A special THANK YOU to Endodontic Associates for their extremely generous sponsorship!!!!

To Kaye, Britt, Jeff, and Allie – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! We do not take your friendship or dedication for granted! Each year we (Brock and I) start thinking about the 5K and hope you will join us in planning it. It never fails, before we ask if you can help one of you sends us a text to say its time to start planning. I cant tell you how much that means to us! Life is busy, yet you give of your time selflessly. Thank you for everything you do!! Thank you for your friendship, dedication, and for making our planning meetings so much fun!

There were parts of the 5K that did not run as smoothly as we had hoped, like the announcing of the winners and the shortage of the medals. We apologize for these issues and will ensure it doesnt happen again! We look forward to seeing all of you at next year’s 5k! Until then, please keep our girl in your prayers!


The results for the 5K can be found by clicking on the link below.  If you have any feedback on what we can do better next year or what you like about the event please email me at elliebenroth@yahoo.com.

5K Results

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